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What people say about Sarah-Lee Dobbs

Can't place my finger on the exact reason why, but "little girl Blue " sung by Sarah-Lee Dobbs out paced all others and took over as my favorite without even trying. Perhaps the subtle mood change, ensnarled by loneliness allowed transference her place. Perhaps it was the outward display of vulnerability and lost hope, which did the trick. Perhaps it was Sarah herself, who transformed each audience member into a personal sponge, taking in the emotions without boundary? Only contradiction, which, I believe, this story successfully Attempts to resolve. No matter the cause, Sarah is a keeper

— West Orlando News, about "Christmas Survival Guide"

I think this may be the Golden moment of year end entertainment local bombshell Sarah-Lee Dobbs shows off with "The Christmas Party/I'd like to hitch a Ride with Santa " later she returns with the wistful “Little Girl Blue”.

— Ink 19, about "Christmas Survival Guide"

Sarah-Lee Dobbs is in fine comedic form with a generous helping of Va-va-va-voom

— Orlando Sentinel, about "Christmas Survival Guide"

Sarah-Lee Dobbs has a blast with an authentic Cockney accent and great comedic timing . Just watch her demeanor change as she explains the different ways of leaving a man.

— Orlando Sentinel, about "Shout the Mod Musical"

Sarah-lee Dobbs plays the sultry green girl. Her sexual fervor is unstoppable and provides a lot of laughs for the audience.

— Broadwayworld.com, about "Shout the Mod Musical"

A glamorous Sarah-Lee Dobbs is a perfect Bond girl singing a very funny version of "gold finger"

— Elizabeth Maupin, on Theatre about "Shout the Mod Musical"

In her role of her nemesis, the mistress, Sarah-Lee Dobbs is delightfully understated as she wins the audience's affection in the face of Vera's barbs. Yet Dobbs projects a steely strength under her unsteady smile that proves important later.

— Orlando Sentinel, about "The Legacy"

But Fosgate's schemes could be derailed by a conscience - stricken secretary - a sheep played delightfully by Sarah-Lee Dobbs, a quintessential British "dolly bird" straight out of an old "Carry On" farce or 1970's Brit-com

— Orlando Sentinel, about "Fosgate, Ferret Loan Officer"

Sarah-Lee Dobbs is commanding in her performance, from moments of quiet melancholy to outbursts of intense range

— Jet Media, about "Terminus"

The cast as strong as the material but it is undoubtedly Sarah- lee Dobbs as violet the sheep that most charms the audience... Dobbs comedic timing in impeccable ... Dobbs effortlessly rings every last laugh , each moment , each line. Sarah-Lee Dobbs gets the biggest laugh of the show in fact the festival.

Director Rob Winn Anderson has assembled a top notch cast that sells it all the way , but it's Sarah-Lee Dobbs who steals the show from the boys She expertly goes from frump to vamp and turns up the heat in the Va Va voom, she's sexy, tender and just right.

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